Proofreading Galleys, or “Advance Uncorrected Proof”

Bob DylanAt this point, the book is in the proofreading phase, which means a professional proofreader and the author (me) are proofreading printed pages that look like the real book pages, looking for typographical or other errors (of which there are some, but not many).  This is also one of the last times the author will be able to make changes to the text.

In the meantime, bound galleys, or “advance uncorrected proofs,” which basically look like actual books, with a color cover just like the one you see on this page, have been produced and are being sent out to targeted press outlets and potential writers and reviewers.  Being in the magazine business myself (as editor-in-chief of Berkshire Living), I can vouch for the fact that any magazine that might possibly give coverage to a book being published in December needs to know about it NOW — we, for example, are already producing our October issue, and most of the Nov/Dec editorial has already been assigned.

This is all very exciting, as you might imagine.

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