Test your PMP IQ #1

Bob Dylan book jacket.for twitterWhich Dylan song draws lyrical inspiration from these lines from psalm 147?

Who covers the sky with clouds
Who provides rain for the earth
Who makes mountains sprout with grass

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6 Responses to “Test your PMP IQ #1”

  1. Dave Harper says:

    Father Of Night
    By the way Ed, did you catch all the raindeer names in Must Be Santa?
    Dave Harper
    Portland, OR

  2. elmo says:

    “father of night”

  3. Alberto Barriocanal says:

    FATHER OF NIGHT (From John Wesley Harding album)

  4. Alberto Barriocanal says:

    FATHJER OF NIGHT (From NEW MORNING album, sorry!!!)

  5. Bengt Lindell says:

    Father of Night

  6. Alberto Barriocanal says:

    FATHER OF NIGHT (From NEW MORNING album): valid answer.

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