Is “Crazy Heart” Just a Remake of “Hearts of Fire”?

Were the filmmakers trying to give us a hint by including the word “heart” in the title of the new movie Crazy Heart, featuring Jeff Bridges as a washed-up country singer-songwriter who bears a remarkable resemblance to the washed-up rocker that Bob Dylan played in the film Hearts of Fire ?

I just came home from seeing Crazy Heart, and while I loved the movie, it now occurs to me that it really is just a remake of — although some might call it a great improvement upon — Dylan’s Hearts of Fire.

Mostly I’m surprised that in all the voluminous press that Crazy Heart has received, not once has anyone ever mentioned the film’s inspiration, or source, or resemblance, to the earlier movie.

It’s important to note that the music for Crazy Heart was for the most part written and produced by former Bob Dylan sideman/guitarist T-Bone Burnett. And that Jeff Bridges modeled his character after longtime Dylan compadre and fellow actor Kris Kristofferson.

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5 Responses to “Is “Crazy Heart” Just a Remake of “Hearts of Fire”?”

  1. Tyler Ragle says:

    I see the connection in terms of both movies being about a washed-up musician, but that’s where the similarities end, unfortunately. “Crazy Heart” is an incredible film, and “Hearts of Fire” is barely watchable. I’m a huge Dylan fan, but there really is no comparison. Nobody has mentioned any possible link because the “original” is so bad.

  2. Rake says:

    One other point is that Jeff Bridges is a big Dylan fan, and was in “Masked and Anonymous”. One would think he is definitely aware of “Hears of Fire”.

    Let me digress: I didn’t think the movie lived up to the hype at all. There wasn’t much to it. A cliched story without much depth. Glorification of a down-and-outer. Not much unexpected, not much to expect, not much there. Took a long time to get going. Characters that didn’t seem to really know each other. Acting was good, but I never forgot that I was watching a movie, because it never drew me in. Good movies make you forget that you’re watching a movie. I personally have difficulty with Jeff Bridges as an actor due to some of his mannerisms that are distracting and constant. Seems people want to glorify this one they way they glorified “The Wrestler” – a similar plot, story, cliche. I just wish people would make some really good movies and people would stop hyping movies that aren’t so good. If you want to see a good movie that people don’t talk about, go see “Bad Lieutentant: Port of Call New Orleans”.

  3. Stuart says:

    Maybe best ‘Hearts of Fire’ be forgotten, eh?

  4. harry rag says:

    Crazy Hearts is also very similar to Robert Duvalls “Tender Mercies”. Duvall is a co producer and co star in “Crazy Hearts”.I enjoyed the movie quite a bit – It’s like The Big Lebowski. either you get it or you don’t.

  5. tricia says:

    Wasn’t Hearts of Fire just a remake of A Star Is Born?

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