Bob Dylan’s Passover history – from Bob Dylan Examiner

Today’s post on Bob Dylan Examiner recounts Dylan’s long relationship with the holiday being celebrated around the world tonight. The Examiner also asked for my own comments on Dylan’s reliance on the Passover story in song, which begins with “When the Ship Comes In” and extends throughout his career, including so-called Christian songs like “When He Returns” and “Saved” and, more recently, “Thunder on the Mountain,” the kickoff track of Modern Times.

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  1. bob charkow says:

    Does Bob have COPD? That’s what I get from watching a lot of videos from his 2010 tour: all short, clipped phrases and nary an extended note. Of course, nobody uses what little they’ve got like Bob. But sometimes he’s just hard to listen to. And I’ve never thought that since I became entranced with him in 1964.

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