WAMC’s Joe Donahue interviews Seth Rogovoy about ‘BOB DYLAN: Prophet, Mystic, Poet’

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Last Friday, December 11, 2009, Joe Donahue — the host of WAMC Northeast Public Radio‘s morning talk show, “The Roundtable” — had me over for a chat about BOB DYLAN: Prophet Mystic Poet. As anyone knows who listens regularly to Joe and “The Roundtable,” he is an astute, intelligent, and fun interviewer. For many years I was a weekly guest on “The Roundtable” (I’m now on WAMC every Friday during “Midday Magazine”), so Joe and I have a built-in rapport. But still, Joe really blew me away with his knowledge and insight and perceptive questions and discussion about Bob Dylan and the book. WAMC has posted a link to the interview that you can stream.

First On-Air Review of BOB DYLAN: Prophet, Mystic, Poet

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Matthew Tannenbaum, owner of the Bookstore in Lenox, Mass., and a regular commentator about books on WAMC Northeast Public Radio’s morning “Roundtable” program, discussed BOB DYLAN: PROPHET, MYSTIC, POET yesterday morning. You can hear Matt’s commentary about the book here; you can also advance directly to the portion where he talks about the book by sliding the bar to 10:05, reading on the left.