“Rogovoy skillfully sketches original examples of how biblical curiosity and interpretive depth animate the songs … a delightful read” – The Forward

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Stephen Hazan Arnoff, the executive director of the 14th Street Y in New York City, home of LABA: The National Laboratory for New Jewish Culture, adds his voice to the growing chorus of critical acclaim for BOB DYLAN: Prophet, Mystic, Poet with his review in this week’s FORWARD.

In “Jeremiah, Nostradamus and Allen Ginsberg all Rolled Up Into One,” Arnoff puts Seth Rogovoy in the company of such renowned Dylan chroniclers as Greil Marcus, Christopher Ricks, and Steven Heine:

“In choosing a single critical lens — Judaism — for understanding Dylan and his work, Rogovoy follows a path common in the best writing on Dylan: Greil Marcus explains him as a mystic raconteur of the secret history of the United States, coded through traditional music; Christopher Ricks describes a master interpreter of classical Western literature and thought; Steven Heine presents Dylan’s creative progression toward the nondualistic worldview of Zen Buddhism.”

Arnoff goes on to say:

“Dylan’s wide-ranging knowledge and interest in the Bible is clear, and Rogovoy skillfully sketches original examples of how biblical curiosity and interpretative depth animate the songs.”

Arnoff writes that the book adds:

“to the litany of serious intellectual explorations of Dylan’s work” and hails it as a ”delightful read.”

Read the entire review here.